NYC's record club featurng Let’s Play House, Throne Of Blood, On The Prowl, and ESP Institute.

WAV.POOL LABELS: Let’s Play House, Throne Of Blood, L.I.E.S. (Long Island Electrical System), On The Prowl, Hamilton Dance Records, and ESP Institute.

wav.pool is a coalition of New York City-based electronic music labels that services its subscribers with all releases put forth by the individual labels in a digest format. The imprints represented by wav.pool embody a cross-section of the best, on-the-cutting-edge imprints the metropolis has to offer, whether they be peak-hour, dance floor-ready bangers, moody deep house jams, left-field experimental tracks, or something in-between or even more fringe in nature and aesthetic.
As each of the five labels that are a part of the group have their own unique release schedules. wav.pool missives will be dispatched as regularly and consistently as possible?approximately one time per week, though there will be no hard and fast rule. For the subscription fee of $15/month, members will receive every single record, whether it be 12", EP, LP, or compilation, in the WAV format as well as exclusive offers (i.e. discounts on physical copies, early bird ticket sales, bonus tracks, unreleased mixes, etc.) 
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